DC Plug .NET - offers for sale replacement DC power plugs for most of the laptop AC adapters out there.   All of the power plugs for sale include the free shipping to you anywhere in the U.S. from our Chicago location. We ship the same day if you order before 3:30p.m. central time.  If you have any questions feel free to email us: question@dcplug.net  We also ship plugs anywhere in the world

This DC Power Plug / Cord for sale is for Sony Vaio Laptops (ALL and EVERY sony uses this kind of plug / cord) All VGN and all PCG series sony laptops use it.  Only some Fujitsu laptops use this plug. 


 $15 Includes free Shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A.


  List of laptop models could be found after the pictures below:

WE GUARANTEE that this plug will fit the following models of the laptops:

Sony Vaio PCG AND VGN series ALL OF THEM

Fujitsu S6240 S6000 series most of Fujitsu that use that kind of plug. 


Rather than spending money on a whole new ac adapter you can just order a replacement DC plug from us.  Chop off the old plug from your old AC adapter and put a new plug instead. Connect the inner cable of your ac adapter with the stripe cable of our plug, connect the outside cable of the ac adapter with the cable of our plug that does not have a stripe.  Insulate connections well and keep using your system.